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serial fucker 7 years ago
Made me to cum hard
Super Trunks 8 years ago
The one in purple is a girl, why are you guys saying shes a guy? lol, pretty hot her an old lady
aaa 9 years ago
Blue balls of epicness
HolyF*** 10 years ago
Id fuck the blondie till the crying from cuming so much
??????????? 10 years ago
Never 11 years ago
The ladies are dudes!!!
Not to be a dick but 11 years ago
Why is one of the girls looking like richard simmons?
john 11 years ago
its a trap
omg 11 years ago
how did this guy get hard with his fucking OLD ass whores giving him that lapdance? THe one in the purple looks like a fuckin witch to top it off. He must've not got any in awhile and maybe that's why he's getting aroused.
Who they are 10 years ago
The blonde is Janis Joplin and the other is Steven Tyler.