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OldTeacher 1 year ago
I’d do her up her bum and call her “Natalya” and tell her to take my penis hard up her bum and tell her her skirt looks “so beaut on” and ask her to show her photos of her bestie Ruby as I cum up her ass and tell her Josh is crap at penalties
Chas 8 years ago
Oooh Aaah Oooh Aaah what a load of unbelievable rubbish. She looks as though she has had enough knob to rail the park round. False everything, I wouldn't let her within a mile of my cock with those horrible talons.
steve 2 years ago
wtf are those nails plus 3 holes at the end nope not for me next plz
Sexmachine 3 years ago
Her hands are huge, she has to be a postop TS... Maybe that’s why it looks like three holes she had an extra one put in.
naillober 5 years ago
how i like those fake...nails
3 holes 7 years ago
Anyone else notice three holes wtf
Agent 7 years ago
She's ready
Den 8 years ago
What is her name anyone ?/
Wtf 8 years ago
Look at the ending it looks like she has 3 holes
happy 8 years ago
fake tits, fake eyelashes, fake nails,tattooed eyebrows. is anything on her real.
this broad is probably porn queen trying to pass herself off as a amatuer